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The primary and fundamental element in this and similar cases is an almost abstract sexual fascination in the idea of restraint, whether endured, inflicted, or merely witnessed or imagined; the feet become the chief focus of this fascination, and the basis on which a foot-fetichism or shoe-fetichism tends to arise, because restraint of the feet produces a more marked effect than restraint of the hands. December, on the other hand, is the month when food ismost abundant, and it is also a very healthy month.155 For a summary of the chief researches into this question, see Ploss and Bartels, Das Weib; also, Rosenstadt, Zur Frage nach den Ursachen welche die Zahl der Conceptionen, etc, Mittheilungen aus den embryologischen Institute Universit├Ąt Wien, second series, fasc. The most highly appreciated perfumes are often made up of elements which in stronger proportion would be regarded as highly unpleasant. I can get that done, too.

At the time I was utterly oblivious that anything was intended. King Journal of the Anthropological Society, Bombay, 1890, p. 2), seems very doubtfully accounted for thus, for the women have it done of their own accord; “all Sobo women Niger coast have their clitoris cut off; unless they have this done they are looked down upon, as slave women who do not get cut; as soon, therefore, as a Sobo woman has collected enough money, she goes to an operating woman and pays her to do the cutting.” This practice of masturbation went on assiduously to his sixteenth year, when its true nature and danger were revealed to him by a good clergyman who prepared him for confirmation. Walking down the stairs to this basement dive bar will transport you to a simpler time and place.

You’ll see how they are nice and valuable.

The author of this poem addressedMary as “queen of my heart,” and “blossom of loveliness,” and goes on tosay: “I can tell by your gestures and your face that you respond to mylove; when you look at me, you smile, and when you sigh, your eyes arefull of tenderness.

It was the first time such a picture had been seen.

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