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My first instinct about all that Symonds writes is violently reactionaryis strong and brutal for no, no, no.

A complete translation of the original work now follows.

The children constantly lose in weight during thisperiod of growth in height almost as much as they gain in the precedingperiod.

Toward the end of this period there was a new and increasing development of another sort, not recognized then as at all sexual in character.

Who really held Burns his heart in thrall, Nelly Fitzpatrick or MaryCampbell or Ellison Begbie or Margaret Chalmers or Charlotte Hamilton orJenny Cruikshank or Anne Park or Jean Armour or Mrs. Whelpdale or Mrs.Agnes McLehose?

Boundaries in dating relationships

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Psychoanalyticinvestigation very strongly opposes the attempt to separate homosexualsfrom other persons as a group of a special nature. Certainly we seem to have here a good field for the determination of this question. At first my results were fairlysatisfactory; but, as my data increased year by year, I found that thesecurves were contradicting one another, and therefore concluded that I hadselected unnatural periods for my averaging. The heart is rhythmic, so is the respiration. Theformer lived entirely in the obvious and visible; the love of allcreatures filled his heart and shaped his life.

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